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Sutton SignWriting, or SignWriting, was created in 1974 by Valerie Sutton. It uses visual symbols to represent the handshapes, movements, and facial expressions of signed languages. SignWriting is based on Sutton DanceWriting, a notation system for representing dance movements which Valerie Sutton developed in 1972. (...)

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Sutton SignWriting

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Tigrinya (ትግርኛ) is a member of the Ethiopic branch of Semitic languages with about 6 million speakers mainly in the Tigre region of Ethiopia and in Central Eritrea. Tigrinya is written with a version of the Ge'ez script and first appeared in writing during the 13th century in a text on the local laws for the district of Logosarda in southern Eritrea. (...)

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Shorthand is any system of rapid handwriting which can be used to transcribe the spoken word. Shorthand systems use a variety of techniques including simplifying existing letters or characters and using special symbols to represent phonemes, words and phrases. (...)

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Kammara is spoken in the scheduled and adjoining areas of Srikakulam,Vizianagaram, Visakhapatnam East and West Godavari districts of Andhra Pradesh, India. The Kammara people are also known as Konda Kammara or Ojas, their population is 45,010, according to the 2001 census, and in addition to their native language, many of them also speak Telugu. (...)

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Modern Cyrillic script. The Cyrillic alphabet has been adapted to write more than 50 different languages, mainly in Russia, Central Asia and Eastern Europe. In many cases additional letters are used, some of which are adaptations of standard Cyrillic letters, while others are taken from the Greek or Latin alphabets. (...)

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Tat (Тати) or Tati is a Southwest Iranian language spoken by about 28,000 people in Azerbaijan, Iran, Dagestan in Russia, and Israel. It is closely related to Persian and Judeo-Tat. Tat is taught in some primary schools. (...)

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Udmurt (удмурт кыл / udmurt kyl) is a member of the Permic branch of the Uralic language family and is spoken in the Russian republic of Udmurtia (Удмуртия/ Удмурт Элькун), where it is a co-official language with Russian. It has about 550,000 speakers and is closely related to Komi and Komi-Permyak. (...)

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Dutch (Nederlands) is a West Germanic language with about 20 million speakers mainly in the Netherlands and Belgium. There are small Dutch-speaking communities in northern France around Dunkerque and Dutch is also spoken in Aruba, the Netherlands Antilles, Suriname and in Indonesia. The official or standard form of Dutch is known as Algemeen Beschaafd Nederlands (ABN), 'general civilized Dutch'. (...)

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Lahu (Ladhof) is a Tibeto-Burman langauge spoken in parts of China, Thailand, Myanmar and Laos by about 600,000 people. In China it is spoken in Yunan, where it is used as a lingua franca by Lahu and other people, and it is the official language in Lancang Lahu Autonomous County in Yunan. (...)

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