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Rustikales Wasserspiel. Eine alte Steintrog, mit einem Löwen-förmigen Auslauf, dreht sich eine rustikale Gartenmauer in eine ungewöhnliche Wasserspiel. Box, Erigeron und Bambus Rand der Fläche, die ihm einen magischen Auftritt.

von Country Living

7 Features Every Country Garden Needs

If you had to describe my garden, it's not so much about parterres and sweeping vistas as it is about intimate spaces, small rooms—gardens within gardens. We invited Gilles Guillot, the head gardener of the Prieuré Notre-Dame d'Orsan in Maisonnais, France, to re-create the same rondel-like windows into our hedging as he did at Orsan, and to weave similar willow benches, a gloriette, and frames for the espalier. Like rooms in a house.


Circles water garden lovely! Now if one is starting from scratch ...this would be worth the effort ... and if done the 'natural' way with proper balance of fish and vegetation growing in the small pools (see info on 'natural pool dreams') of water would really be spectacular!


I like the idea of leaving a window in the fence and letting it be open. No living wall. I like the metal gate, too.