Galactic center of the Universe depicting Centaurus A from where extremely hot and bright blue-white Very High Energy ( VHE ) gamma-ray photon particle pinprick light points have bursted from in a stream that is picking up speed as it races faster and faster across the Universe and believed to eventually impact the Mily Way galaxy where our Earth is located. Read more, at:

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Optical imaging of the Very-High-Energy ( VHE ) gamma-ray photons streaming out-of the Galactic Center of the Universe near Centaurus A, is a serious planetary atmosphere killer so, 'when is it expected to impact Earth'? Read more, at: AND

What are gamma rays?

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Gamma rays---Gamma rays have the smallest wavelengths and the most energy of any wave in the electromagnetic spectrum.

You know more about the electromagnetic spectrum than you may think. The image below shows where you might encounter each portion of the EM ...

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This radio, optical and gamma-ray composite illustrates the full extent of Cen A's vast radio-emitting lobes. Radio data (orange) reveal that the structures span more than 1.4 million light-years, and Fermi's LAT data (purple) show that they also emit gamma rays.<br />

An easy to understand explanation of 'gamma rays'

Electromagnetism: Fields, Waves & Theory Tanya Lewis, Staff Writer | July 12, 2013 This diagram shows the entire spectrum of electromagnetic waves. The scale at the bottom indicates representative objects that are equivalent to the wavelength scale. The atmospheric opacity determines what radiation reaches the Earth's surface. Credit: UC Regents

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Gamma-ray burst - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

A Black hole spewing its energy deep into space. Its called a gamma ray burst. Awesome.

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