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Gamma Ray

Optical imaging of the Very-High-Energy ( VHE ) gamma-ray photons streaming out-of the Galactic Center of the Universe near Centaurus A, is a serious planetary atmosphere killer so, 'when is it expected to impact Earth'? Read more, at: AND

Galactic center of the Universe depicting Centaurus A from where extremely hot and bright blue-white Very High Energy ( VHE ) gamma-ray photon particle pinprick light points have bursted from in a stream that is picking up speed as it races faster and faster across the Universe and believed to eventually impact the Mily Way galaxy where our Earth is located. Read more, at:

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Hogwarts illustration inspired by 16th century engraving style -

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This radio, optical and gamma-ray composite illustrates the full extent of Cen A's vast radio-emitting lobes. Radio data (orange) reveal that the structures span more than 1.4 million light-years, and Fermi's LAT data (purple) show that they also emit gamma rays.<br />

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What Are Gamma-Rays?

What are gamma rays?

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Fermi's LAT mapped GeV-gamma-ray emission (magenta) from the W44 supernova remnant. The features clearly align with filaments detectable in other wavelengths. This composite merges X-rays (blue) from the Germany-led ROSAT mission, infrared (red) from NASA's Spitzer Space Telescope, and radio (orange) from the NRAO's Very Large Array near Socorro, N.M. <br />

Gamma Ray Bursts from the Unknown Credit: #NASA, Compton Gamma Ray Observatory, BATSE

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Higgs Boson Discovered: CERN conference reports Higgs evidence is overwhelming

A Black hole spewing its energy deep into space. Its called a gamma ray burst. Awesome.

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Gamma-ray Burst. It will destroy anything in its path within. Produced by a dying star,there is nothing we can do if one of these frightening rays hit our Earth. It wouldn't destroy the whole planet but would definitely alter life. It's a bad day for you if you are in the path of one of these. Now, the opposite side of the earth would be a great place to be from where it hits, because it will decompose the molecules in your body.

Artist's illustration showing the life of a massive star as nuclear fusion converts lighter elements into heavier ones. When fusion no longer generates enough pressure to counteract gravity, the star rapidly collapses to form a black hole. Theoretically, energy may be released during the collapse along the axis of rotation to form a gamma-ray burst.