I want him to come back soooo badly! Even if it's just for the musical episode, I want him back. Everyone else on the show comes back! (Except for Adam...)

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Heaven. Hell. I don't care who wins. I just want it to be over. <<< YOU PEOPLE HURT ME ;n;

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Richard speight jr. dayum ;)

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@GabeArchangel                                                       …

@GabeArchangel …

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I know this is supposed to be funny but I'm still sad...

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supernatural fan art - Google Search

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I always wanted to know what "our" Gabe would say to the Virgin Mary. Well done. *slow awkward sarcastic clap*

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Why, hello there. I'm sure you know me. In case you don't (whoever your poor soul is),, I'm Gabriel. An angel. Archangel, to be exact. I'm kind of a rebel. Though this place *wipes gunk off of jacket disgustedly* is wretched. Really, little brother, you're slacking.

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Gabriel Quotes #Supernatural Supernatural - Gabriel Quotes Also available here in shirt form. Soon to be available in poster form. As soon as I have money this shirt is mine.

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