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"Dᴏɴ'ᴛ. Lɪᴇ. Tᴏ ᴍᴇ.", lohrien: Harry Potter illustrations by Gabriel...

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there are no words!

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lohrien: “ Harry Potter illustrations by Gabriel Picolo dA l tumblr l FB l instagram l patreon ”

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As far as we're concerned, you can never have too much Harry Potter and it looks like DeviantArt's Picolo-kun agrees! This artist has created a series of illustrated book pages for the spells of Harry Potter that are truly stupefying. I mean, they had us Petrificus Totalus with amazement. Er...enough spell puns, this is Riddikulus. Accio amazing illustrations! It's LeviOHsa, not LevioSAH. Bet the troll wasn't too happy you finally figured that out, huh boys? Lumos is the best spell to…

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A bitter man.

It's a bitter man who doesn't leave the last bullet for himself.

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Oh my... you, Chuck, you're a bad example to your angel babies shame on you

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Book Art Is Awesome: Creation Edition

This post of the Book Art Is Awesome series covers those artists who are creating works of art that fly right off the page, leaving the book behind.

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Castiel Gabriel. Angels. Brothers. Beautiful :) Perfectly summarized by a line from Hey Brother :P

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Because it never mattered that they were fictional, and we'd never truly meet them. They live within our hearts, and if that's not family, I don't know what is... "Family don't end in blood."

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