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Helgoland/ Germany (north sea)


Hamburg mit Kindern: Der Tipp ist ein Picknick auf der Hafenfähre. Für die braucht man nur ein normales Ticket für den Hamburger Nahverkehr.

von Etsy

boats ferry ships MCDREAMY GREY surgical scrub hat theatre cap tie in back

Boote-Fähre Schiffe MCDREAMY grau chirurgische von GigHarborMarket

tight...looks like the place was carved out of the cliff itself


Where oh where is the voicemail Derek left when this scene happened?!!?!??!? Remember Derek was on the ferry boat and called Meredith but had to leave a voicemail because his family was hurrying out the door.


The Seven Sisters Waterfall - Norway One of my favorite scenes when I was traveling via ferry boat

Observation 2: Cognitive Meredith uses her post formal thought to be more logical when it comes to a problem that may occur in the operating room, she accepts her intellectual complexities when it comes to being somewhat inferior to her best friend, Christina. She also very dialectical in the operating room, or even outside of it, when she consults with other doctors about coming up with a solution that could be very beneficial to a patient.