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The 11 Best Quotes To De-Stress Your Holiday Season (PHOTOS)

Quotes for De-Stressing Holidays


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Im getting worried that because weve gotta spend a summer not seeing eachother youll fall in love with someone else...i dont know what i would do if that happened...but i have hope that our relationship is strong enough that wont happen has a shitty way of surprising you!

beautiful. a rare quote about miscarriage that I can relate to as an atheist. we are not all "mothers of angels"—some of us reject that fantasy in order to face reality.


I cried when I found out I, ME, MYSELF actually became pregnant...not because I was sad, but because I was, am, and will always be the happiest mother in the world! Many years of struggle all worth it! Thank you Letrozole you made my dreams come true!