Fritz pfeffer

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Fritz Pfeffer

Fritz Pfeffer with his son Werner.

Fritz was born in Gieben, Germany, one of the five children of Ignatz Pfeffer and Jeannette Hirsch-Pfeffer, who lived above their clothing and textiles shop at 6 Marktplatz in Giessen. After completing his education, Fritz trained as a dentist and jaw surgeon, obtained a license to practice in 1911 and opened a surgery the following year in Berlin.

Fritz Pfeffer, the dentist. In October 1944, he was moved to the Neuengamme concentration camp. He died in the sick bay on 20 December.

Charlotte Kaletta and Fritz Pfeffer in 1939. Marrying a non-Jewish woman might possibly have saved Fritz Pfeffer’s life. They couldn’t actually get married because Nazi laws prohibited marriages between German Jews and non-Jews. These laws also affected German Jews abroad.

Fritz Pfeffer in the German army ww1

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Four other Jews lived in the secret annex alongside the Frank family: Hermann and Auguste van Pels with their son Peter, and, for a time, Fritz Pfeffer, a German dentist. Anne’s diary describes in great detail the tension between the eight individuals, who had to stay indoors at all times and remain quiet so as not to arouse the suspicion of staff working in the warehouse downstairs. The entrance to the annex was concealed behind a moveable bookcase. Anne’s famous diary was written in an…

As the Russians approach Auschwitz, large groups of prisoners are moved to other camps. Among them are Auguste van Pels, Fritz Pfeffer and Anne and Margot.

Fritz Pfeffer and Charlotte Kaletta

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