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Friteuse Ohne Öl

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How to Make Crispy Seasoned Baked French Fries

Yes, you can make crispy seasoned baked French fries at home without deep-frying in vegetable oil. Skip the drive thru and precooked frozen packages with chemicals, preservatives, and unhealthy oils. Try making your own hand cut homemade baked fries instead.


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Deep Fried Turkey Without Oil


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Plum Fritters

NYT Cooking: A few tips to get you on your way: chilling the batter before frying helps hold the batter together as it drops into the oil and makes the fritter cook more evenly. Lots of recipes have you pour three inches of cooking fat into a large deep fryer, which is nothing but a big waste. Use a narrow saucepan and less than two inches of cooking fat. Sure, a few ...

Nicole’s favorite is the Our Ricotta served with a side of grilled sourdough bread, this whipped tofu is seasoned with agave, black peppercorn, and olive oil for rich flavor. This dish is certainly enjoyable as a starter for dinner or alone to accompany a strong drink. The popularity of the Potato Croquettes with chipotle aioli is unmatched- they might be the crispiest in town. We also loved the Korean-Style Tofu which hits the deep fryer and is then coated with a spicy glaze, black sesame…


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Chicken Nuggets selber machen

Chicken Nuggets selber machen. Dieses Chicken Nuggets Thermomix Rezept ist schnell gemacht - und vor allem weiß man endlich, was wirklich drin ist - nicht so wie bei den Chicken McNuggets. Ganz saftiges Hühnchen mit einer knusprigen Panade! Das ganze Rezept findet ihr auf meinem Blog - hier geht's lang:

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Blumenkohl statt Pommes! gebackener Blumenkohl mit Joghurtdip! (

Blumenkohl statt Pommes! gebackener Blumenkohl mit Joghurtdip!


Amerikanische Onion Rings Rezept (50 ml Bier, 50 ml Sahne, 2 Eier, 200 g Mehl, 1 TL Backpulver, 500 ml Öl zum frittieren, 1 TL Salz, 3 Zwiebel)


Pommes selber machen mit Ofen, Topf & Fritteuse

vor dem Backen einfach etwas Salzwasser und Öl mischen