yubo - Green Lunchbox with Peace Faceplate Set, $29.95 (http://www.getyubo.com/green-lunchbox-with-peace-faceplate-set/)

taste and see – a noah review

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cheeky collection of peaceful revolutionaries (including Gandhi, Nelson Mandela, Mother Teresa, Martin Luther King Jr. and Che Guevara) adds a hilarious punch to your standard Tea Party. Other combos of folks as well!

Peace Sign...John Lennon

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50th Anniversary M-65 Field Coat | Alpha Industries. A modern twist on the traditional M-65 Field Coat, this version has a slimmer fit with commemorative patches to celebrate Alpha's legacy.

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bob marley quotes

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#Paraguay's #Lugo accepts 'unjust' impeachment for #peace

Declaration of Hempdependence: Speech from the Boston Freedom Rally "Just as our forefathers risked everything fighting for their freedom, cannabis consumers risk getting fired, losing custody of their children or getting arrested. If we truly want freedom, we must stand up to the tyranny of prohibition. They’ll do everything they can to stop us but we have to be peaceful revolutionaries. We must fight back with kindness, caring and compassion." John Dvorak

Ideas for Creative Activists and Peaceful Revolutionaries http://lohas-scout.de/1gyzohX

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Helo Lightweight Bomber Utility Jacket

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