Friday night lights Saracen, Smash, Riggins. YES YES YES. There is so much right about this picture.

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tim riggins + lyla garrity

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Clear eyes full hearts can't lose Coffee Mug. Friday by embeemugs

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Him in that cutoff in the rain... | 26 Times That Tim Riggins Was Pure Perfection

Which Friday Night Lights Guy Should You Date?

Are You More Lyla, Tyra, Or Julie From "Friday Night Lights" I got Lyla! :) You’re sweet and beautiful and you catch the attention of all guys. You also got to be in an adorable relationship with Tim Riggins. #foreverwinning

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The Friday Night Lights cast had a beautiful mini-reunion

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5 Reasons Why Friday Night Lights Was The Best | Her Campus

This shirt to pay tribute to all your favorite men. | 18 "Friday Night Lights" Products That Will Make You Miss Dillon

Friday Night Lights INSTANT DOWNLOAD PRINTABLE by flibbertygibbit

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