OMGosh! How true is this! I tried once to be friends with a girl like this but it just doesn't work out no matter how nice you are.

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Help girls distinguish between true friends and frenemies. You might also like:Friend or Frenemy BundleSelf-Respect LessonBling the Teacher's Lounge with these FUN "Positive Affirmations" Posters

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Basically. The whole il clan, especially my sil who my mil swears was a friend while she was lying to my husband, trying to cause problems between us, and expecting him to choose her over me (my mil expected him to choose all of them over me and the kids too who they went out of their way to hurt) that pretended to be, but never were. They exclude us in every way, but claim to love us and respect us so much. If this is love, I'll pass. They only want us and my husband when we do what they…

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Never tell others what you don't want repeated. Knowing how to discern between a true friend and an acquaintance is an important life lesson.

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Frenemy - Frenemies Neider und falsche Freunde ... …

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Tobias Mayer, Bericht von den Mondskugeln, Nuremberg. Zu finden in der Homännischen Officin, 1750 ...

A Frenemy. #friends #enemy #haters #selfish #smile

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#quotes I value an honest enemy than a fake friend (frenemy).

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