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UK to explore free trade deal withAustralia UK to explore free...

Publisher, author [publisher] & political agitator Mel Hurtig dies at 84. Mr. Hurtig, who opened Edmonton’s first independent bookstore and went on to run for the federal Liberals, fight against free trade, publish The Canadian Encyclopedia, and write several searing commentaries about foreign ownership and cultural imperialism, has died in Vancouver aged 84. He conceived the idea of creating a Canadian encyclopedia after becoming irritated at seeing libraries full of Americanized history…


Retrato de Afonso de Albuquerque (após 1545) - Autor desconhecido - Western imperialism in Asia - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

EMPIRE PREFERENCE Despite other countries increasing tariffs on British exports, Britain had failed to establish ‘Empire Preference’. A 1923 imperial conference suggested Britain should charge tariffs on imports while exempting Empire produce. But this might raise food prices, and the issue contributed to Conservative losses in 1923 elections. When the Conservatives came to power in October 1924, therefore, they were acutely aware that Britain’s traditional commitment to free trade and…

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Why Facebook failed with Free Basics


Smirking Chimp, claims to be a left-wing site but hosts Cat ads - Caterpillar bulldozers are used to destroy Palestinian homes in the name of right winged zionists.

The EU & US "FAKE" Free Trade Treaty: A Hostile Corporate Takeover Of The Entire WORLD!

Five Hard Facts Americans Forgot About 9/11 After Being Reminded Every Year to “Never Forget” | The Free Thought Project

South Africa The apartheid system was designed to maintain white domination in South Africa, and the assisted immigration laws implemented during White rule, reflected that ideology.  However the ground work was laid well before the apartheid system was officially put in place. In 1820 the British authorities persuaded about 5,000 middle-class British immigrants  to leave Great …

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