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Franz Von Papen en prisión.

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Franz von Papen (1879 – 1969) served as Chancellor of Germany in 1932 and as Vice-Chancellor under Adolf Hitler in 1933–1934. He belonged to the group of close advisers to Hindenburg in the late Weimar Republic. It was largely Papen, believing that Hitler could be controlled once he was in the government, who persuaded Hindenburg to appoint Hitler as Chancellor in a cabinet not under Nazi Party domination.

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TIME Magazine Cover: Franz von Papen - July 4, 1932 - Germany

Franz Von Papen.

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Hitler presenting das Ritterkreuz to Franz von Papen in September, 1944 as von Ribbentrop looks on blandly.

Franz von Papen, German politician and diplomat, after his appointment as German Ambassador to Austria. July 27, 1934

Wow, this is perfection. Rare clip of Hitler and Goebbels both totally unaffected. Franz von Papen on the right.

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Franz Von Papen Stock Photos & Franz Von Papen Stock Images - Alamy

Franz Von Papen Listening To A Violin Recital, Berlin