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Lakshman Jhula | लक्ष्मण झूला

Asteya, or “not stealing,” refers to the stealing that grows from believing we cannot create what we need. We steal because we misperceive the universe as lacking abundance or we think that there is not enough for everyone and that we will not receive in proportion to our giving. Because of this, asteya does not only consist of “not stealing,” but also of rooting out the subconscious beliefs of lack and scarcity that cause greed and hoarding in all their various manifestations. #yoga…

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Day Three: We arrive in Rouen, France. Once one of the largest and most prosperous cities of medieval Europe. Admire the Medieval quarter with its half-timbered houses and Renaissance clock tower.


Situé sur la côte Est de Bali, Amankila Resort est l’un des plus beaux hôtels du monde. A flanc de montagne et de foret tropicale, avec les montagnes en toile de fonds, cet hôtel cinq étoiles accueille le voyageur dans une atmosphère nature, avec luxe et volupté.