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Vintage Working 1978 Fisher-price Childs Phonograph W/original Box

roly poly chime ball....I remember trying to break this open to get the never broke!!! lololol

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Vintage Fisher Price RAINBOW Pull Along Xylophone

I remember when I had one of these. <3

Here's What 23 Of Your Childhood Toys Look Like Now

Fisher Price Doctor Set - I loved this! Always thought the syringe was so cool.

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Fisher Price Little People - Aurora + 3 Feeën

22 Awesome Fisher-Price Little People Playsets You Wish You Still Had

School House | 22 Awesome Fisher-Price Little People Playsets You Wish You Still Had

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Retro-Fisher Price Chatter Telephone

I have a membership at the YMCA. Process it. I do not care if I go once every six months it is none of your business. Process the payment (due 15th). This has happened several times and I had to go clear it up at the desk IE: explain to busybodies why I pay for it when I don't use it every day. Just because you work where you have access to credit card numbers do not think that gives you the right to do the bookwork for those people and decide what they need and when. PK. fisher-price phone

Fisher Price Garage Ha! I was drooling over this, like, today. doree: In honor of I’m Remembering’s posting the Fisher-Price Medical Kit, I would like to remind everyone of the Fisher-Price Little People, and especially their garage, which I was sort of obsessed with. [Photo via]

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Vintage Fisher Price Little Snoopy

Vintage Fisher Price Little Snoopy - I still have mine when i was a little girl its my favorite toy and i found it when going through all my stuff going to see if Riley will like it too!!!

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Fisher price nifty station wagon mint in box

Fisher Price Little People Woody Station Wagon. (Going for a lot on Ebay!)

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