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DIY Simple Mesh Net. Why do I need to know this? Other than for good out door survival skills, I want to make hot air balloon decorations and a mesh net over the balloon would look awesome! Haha... This is easy and simple. Just what I needed.


Fishing+Net,+Blue+:+For+a+shop+window+decoration+or+for+your+party+room.+Blue+fishing+net+with+floaters.+The+mesh+width+is+1.6+inches.+The+net's+rope+is+thin.+ Measurements:Length+98+inchesWidth

Fish netting. $4.60 (Links to other decorations)

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Freshwater Mammal Photos

It will never cease to amaze me that manatees are on the endangered species list and they have NO natural predators. Man is their only predator with his fishing nets and boat propellers. What a majestic creature!


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Exquisite Fishing Net Pattern Barefoot Sandal For Women (ONE PIECE)

Exquisite Fishing Net Pattern Barefoot Sandal For Women (ONE PIECE)