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Types of tax and their definitions. Personal Financial Literacy

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Fixed and Variable Expenses

Personal Financial Literacy: Fixed and Variable Expenses

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Personal Financial Literacy

Personal Financial Literacy - Teacher Trap... great for new TEKS


Personal Financial Literacy All the new MATH TEKS Each topic has 8 cards that are color coordinated for easy recognition. Each card has a QR code so child can check for quick self assessment. #STAAR


Age appropriate financial literacy, important lessons children should know at each age -Council for Economic Education

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Infographic: The Value of Financial Literacy

Financial literacy pays off. With nearly 20 percent of Americans living beyond their means, education about personal finance is critical. Research indicates that teaching finance to students yields greater money-management skills that carry well into adulthood. 1 out of 5 Americans lives beyond his or her means. Half of Americans do not maintain a budget. Teens spent more than $75 billion in 2011. 35% of high school seniors use credit cards. One in nine people ages 18-24 uses more than 40%…


Websites to help you teach financial literacy


21st Century Math Projects -- Engaging Middle & High School Math Projects: The Game of Life -- Financial Literacy -- Real World Math Project

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Financial Literacy Math Stations

This set of stations provides students with practice making a budget, using a debit card and working with simple and compound interest. Each station includes a student worksheet as well as a follow up page and hint card. For more real world math activities, check out my Real World Math Checkbook Activity!Lindsay Perro.