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Felix Landau

The house occupied by the gestapo officer Felix Landau where the artist and writer Bruno Schultz created his famous frescoes.

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Paul Wonner – Bay Area Figurative Artist

Paul Wonner

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starlight fairy

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Felix Landau, SS-Oberscharfuehrer, a Gestapo officer in Drohobycz (Ukraine). He admired drawings of Bruno Schulz and protected him until Schulz was killed by another Gestapo officer, Karl Günther. Günther was a rival of Landau, who had killed Günther's "personal Jew", Löw, a dentist. By the way, Landau kept the systematic diary, which recorded his share in the murder of Lviv professors.

Einsatzgruppen killing Polish Jewes. The official full name Einsatzgruppen der Sicherheitspolizei und des SD) were SS paramilitary death squads responsible for mass killings, typically by shooting, of Jews in particular, but also significant numbers of other population groups & political categories. The Einsatzgruppen operated throughout the territory occupied by the German armed forces following the German invasions of Poland, in Sept, 1939, and later, of the Soviet Union on June 22, 1941.