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General Feldmarschall Oskar von Lindequist

Le général Walter Model

A case of not judging a book by the cover. This German military hero and Hussar of the old school order. On 4 February 1940, Mackensen wrote to Field Marshal Walther von Brauchitsch about the the crimes of the Nazis in the field where politics had no place and their negative effect on the cause and the morale of the military. And then he resigned as the highest ranking officer, aged 90.


Buch vom Feldmarschall Hindenburg

Rommel’s plane - The General Erwin Rommel, not yet Feldmarschall, arranging his life jacket in front to his personal aircraft, somewhere in Libya. Notice also two men with life jacket, surely a Rommel’s staff officer at the center of the photo, and on the right a plane’s crewmember speaking with other German servicemen.

Story #0018.Gedanken eines Träumers – Poem 3 – Weisheiten meines Lebens

Story #0018.Gedanken eines Träumers – Poem 3 – Weisheiten meines Lebens | MoSanProduction´s Vlog Blog

FELDMARSCHALL ERNST BUSCH | NAZI JERMAN: Daftar Para Peraih Pour le Mérite (Penghargaan Militer ...


Night and Fog was a direct reference to a "Tarnhelm" spell, from Wagner's Rheingold. It was a directive of Hitler in December 1941, originally intended to winnow out all political activists and resistance 'helpers', “anyone endangering German security” throughout Nazi Germany's occupied territories. Two months later Armed Forces High Command Feldmarschall Wilhelm Keitel expanded it to include all persons in occupied countries who had been taken into custody and were still alive eight days…

Feldmarschall von Manstein with Hitler, September 1943.


In deinem Lager ist Österreich * Feldmarschall Radetzky * Stern-Braunberg 2000