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(C.japonica) Camellia Grove Nursery Catalogue, 1951; Waterhouse, 1952, Camellia Trail, p.30: A seedling from Camellia Grove Nursery, St. Ives, Sydney. Large, informal double, salmon rose, resembling Leviathan but flatter in the centre. Three or four rows of large, outer petals and a confused centre of half size petals, petaloids and stamens. Mid-season blooming. Orthographic error: 'Australia'. Chinese synonym 'Aozhou Zhi Guang'.

Grammar check is a useful tool for helping students proofread their work independently. I would like to see my students take more ownership of the writing/revision process. With this tool’s “free check” option, I think that could be possible. For a more thorough check students would have to sign up for their own account. Unfortunately since I work with elementary students under the age of 13, this is not possible so only the free option will be utilized in my classroom.

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The Great Editing Adventure Volume 2 - Grammar School Book - Finally, a daily grammar review that kids love! Students read adventure stories while searching for errors in punctuation, spelling, synonyms and grammar. They learn, review and have fun all in one sitting. For home school, private schools and anyone involved in educating children! 4th-6th Grade Skills, 7th-8th Grade Review

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Egregious. Syllabification: e·gre·gious. Pronunciation: əˈɡrējəs. adjective: egregious. Definition: 1. outstandingly bad; shocking. "egregious abuses of copyright". synonyms: shocking, appalling, terrible, awful, horrendous, frightful, atrocious, abominable, abhorrent, outrageous; monstrous, heinous, dire, unspeakable…

This is the only way to say it.

@Christian Price this made me think of you...Affect vs. Effect

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Common Vocabulary Errors in English and How to Prevent Them: Teach Yourself Series Synonyms and Pseudo Synonyms in English Issue One

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