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Recliner Slipcover Tutorial - this is amazing - she used a drop cloth and some foam and completely redid this chair.


I need to just chill for a minute. Its getting cold, and my nutz are freezing.


DIY - Reupholster An Old La-Z-Boy Recliner. Pinterest helped me do all the dining room chairs myself...onto the Archie Bunker La Z Boy!


Re-covering a recliner, no sewing necessary! This may be my first real DIY project from Pinterest!


a lazy boy that doesn't look like crap

von Cool Material

Quartz Armchair

Quartz Armchair You’re not going to buy this. We mean you could, but you’d have to have a LOT of disposable income. That said, the Quartz Armchair is one of the sweetest, comfiest looking chairs we’ve ever seen. Sure, at $14,000 it’s insane, but image crashing down on that thing after a long day. Heaven. You can remove all the cushions to use when others need a place to sit, or just keep it together for one awesome lounging experience. Now, who wants to rob a bank with us?


Once again I must wait for the nuts to arrive... this is getting old, very old...