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Fastenzeit Islam

Teaching the family what F.A.S.T.I.N.G. should/could include- help and guidance for the concerning ones.


Helper hand. God, Kind, Pray, Open Palm Up, Soul, Lent, Call, Aura, Give, Sky, Ask, Sick, Dua, Wish, Seek, Mind, Quran, Bless, Grace, Islam, Muslim, Humble, Gospel, Nature, Reach, Come, Empty, Devote.

Boko Haram not Islamic group – Sultan -

Anti-Semitism Is As Old As The Jews, And Is Here To Stay [Parshat Mattot By Rabbi Zalman Lent]


All of your rebukes are “life-giving” and all your corrections are heart-freeing. None of them are meant to be guilt inducing, shame producing, or contempt fueling. You humble your children, but you don’t humiliate us. You’re firm but never harsh. You have our eternal glorification in view, when we’re, too often, only thinking about instant gratification.


Illuminated frontispiece From a copy of the Shahnama Copied by Ismail Khaja, son of Mubarak Qadam Iran, probably Shiraz, dated 1441 Lent by the Art and History Collection LTS1995.2.23

Are you ready for a supernatural break through in 2016? Kick it off with fasting and prayer.

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How Fasting Affects Your Health

Lent, Ramadan, The Daniel Fast and more: Here's what research tells us happens in the body when fasting for religious purposes. | via @SparkPeople #diet #nutrition #spirituality