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alte VOIGTLÄNDER BESSA KAMERA um 1950 FALTKAMERA mit Anastigmat Voigtar Objektiv


Polaroid Bereitschafttasche für SX70 Faltkamera via POLARISMUS. Click on the image to see more!

von DaWanda

♥♥Kamera Faltkamera Welta Belfoca1♥♥

♥♥Kamera Faltkamera Welta Belfoca1♥♥ von Manus-Engel-und-Co auf

Polaroid ever-ready-case für SX-70 Faltkamera/ braun via POLARISMUS. Click on the image to see more!

SX-70 overdosed.

thats my collection of old cameras - camera Agfa, photo Jana Bath 2013, alte Kamera aus meiner Sammlung, Faltkamera, Zieharmonikakamera, Agfa, Vintage


Polaroid SX-70 Faltkamera Model 2 Impossible PX 70 Film Blitzschiene via POLARISMUS. Click on the image to see more!

Polished Wood Folding Camera by Möller, Wedel, c. 1890 J.D. Möller (Wedel in Holstein), producer of the world-famous "Cambinox" camera. – Plate size 3 ½ x 4 3/4 in., polished wood, green bellows with dark-red corners, brass lens with rotating stop, with wooden double cassette. Provenance: J.D. Möller museum in Hamburg (until the 1980's) – Not mentioned in any literature.


small foldable tripod dolly

Small fold-able tripod dolly. To make movies you usually need to move smoothly your camera on a flat surface, like a table or the floor. There are many commercial tripod dollies but you can easily make your own with a few wood boards and three wheels.