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A German paratrooper firing a MG42. The standing position was not normally used with this hi-powered weapon. I'm sure the woods & surrounding terrain warranted it in this case....

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Chancellor Adolf Hitler with a group of paratroopers (fallschirmjäger “green devil”) decorated with the Iron Cross for having breached the Belgian fort of Eben Emael, Belgium May 1940.

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SS.Fallschirmjager Batalion 500/600 - Pz.VI. Königstiger, s.Pz.Abt.503 - 'Unternehmen Eisenfaust' - Buda Castle, Budapest - Oct.1944

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Fallschirmjager, pin by Paolo Marzioli


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Fallschirmjager uniform - Sicily 1943, pin by Paolo Marzioli

Fort Eben Emael Fallschirmjäger - Sixth Army Group

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Fallschirmjager | Crete 1941, pin by Paolo Marzioli

WEHRMACHT -Fallshirmjaeger

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Fallschirmjäger - 1944