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Extreme Blähungen

Laktoseintoleranz – Ursachen und Lösungen



200 hard boiled eggs were provided for #CoolHandLuke's famous sequence. Due to clever editing, #PaulNewman only ate about 8 in total. The rest of the eggs were all consumed by the rest of the cast and crew which led to extreme cases of flatulence the next day. ... The opening scene, where Luke is cutting off the heads of parking meters, was filmed in Lodi, California. After the filming, the city did not replace the meters, and for many years afterward, you could go there and see a block long…

Focused in our Element. Summer, 1959. Photo by Alfred Eisenstaedt for Life magazine.


Barbiturate Barbie.. Discrete pill case enclosed Warning: Toys may experience permanent drowsiness. Extreme relaxation may cause uncontrolled flatulence!!

Excessive Gas at Night Gas at Night.aspx


DECEMBER 22--Angered by her husband’s repeated farting in bed, a Florida woman allegedly elbowed, kicked, and scratched her spouse, according to police who arrested her for battery. Dawn Meikle, 55,

∆ Allspice...essential oil ~ Uses: Allspice oil can be helpful for the digestive system, for cramp, flatulence, indigestion and nausea. It can help in cases of depression, nervous exhaustion, tension, neuralgia and stress. A very small amount of Allspice oil can be used for as massage oil for a chest infection, severe muscle spasm or extreme cold. In small doses in can also help for rheumatism, arthritis, stiffness, chills, congested coughs and bronchitis.


Extreme Danger of Heat for Pets in Vehicles - Vet Sits in Hot Car for 30-Minutes


Sure, Put Pokémon and The Avengers Together, Nobody is Stopping You

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