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Exponents Practice Sheets (8 Worksheets)


Free Exponent Practice Problems - Test 1

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Leveled Properties of Exponents Practice

This is 8 levels of carefully-designed laws of exponents practice. It's a great review/practice activity. It begins with basic expressions that require the use of just one property and builds in complexity. The final level combines fractions and negative numbers.My experience:I printed the levels on a variety of colored paper and spread them out on a desk.

Algebra students connect what they already know about finding areas of shapes to finding "areas" of rectangles, triangles and circles with monomial side lengths. In this activity, students find the areas of rectangles, triangles and circles by multiplying terms with exponents, practicing "exponent times exponent" and "exponent raised to an exponent".

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Simplifying Expressions with Exponents Task Card Activity (8.EE.A.1)

Fun practice and review of simplifying exponent expressions. Scavenger hunts, concentration, notebooks... lots of possibilities.

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Exponents Practice: Part 1

Exponents Practice: Part 1 by Christina Foran. This is a video tutorial that shows students how to solve problems involving exponents. Each problem is narrated in American Sign Language. (This is my first time using green screen, so please excuse the blurriness. I plan on getting better backdrops and lighting equipment within the next month.) Enjoy! And if you have any questions or still need help, please post in the comments.

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Exponents Digital Interactive Math Notebook

Exponents 1:1 Interactive Math NotebookAre you looking for a way to engage your math students in a 1:1 device environment? Check out my line of 1:1 Interactive Math Notebooks! Included in this product: -Powers Notes-Powers Practice Chart-Exponent Practice Page-Exponent Double Dice Activity -Answer Keys*Please note that the download includes a link to the product and a tutorial for teacher use.

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Exponents Practice

This practice activity provides students a chance to show their understanding of the power properties. There are some higher order thinking problems where students have to determine the exponent value for an expression with a given answer vs simply evaluating an expression.

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Powers and Exponents Practice

Powers and Exponents practice will help your students master the use of powers and exponents. These practice problems are a great way for some of your strugglers to get extra practice with these two skills. This pack includes: •3 practice pages writing exponents with answer keys. •2 practice pages of writing exponents as a product and then finding value with answer keys.