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Executive Order 13603 - The American people are now officially conscripted slaves under this order that President Obama recently signed at any time that he chooses (under both emergency OR non-emergency situations)!!! I didn't think it could get any worse

von Forbes

Obama's Plan To Seize Control Of Our Economy And Our Lives

Link goes to Executive Order 13603 info and a history of Presidents' use of executive orders from Forbes - very interesting. Many Presidents have actually had similar orders to this. I think this is an example of more propagandist fear-mongering, but still interesting info that our government has basically had this power to take whatever they want from us for a long time!

von Freedom Is Just Another Word...


Is An Executive Order a Law that Must be Obeyed? - An Executive Order is only valid if it’s done within the jurisdictional authority of the President’s constitutional authority. To rule against the Second Amendment is not a presidential prerogative. If it is, then the President could turn his attention to the First Amendment and issue an order that newspapers can no longer criticize him.

von Forbes

When It Comes To Abuse Of Presidential Power, Obama Is A Mere Piker



Dick Gregory speaks on Sandra Bland, Earth 2.0, and Obama's Executive Order


Executive Order 13603 – How Dangerous Is It? |


Daily Compilation of Presidential Documents Executive Order 13603 - National Defense Resources Preparedness

THE CONSTITUTION...he has NO power to write law and thinks we do NOT know this. he thinks we think executive orders are laws and must be "obeyed".....and as usual, he's WRONG/ educate yourself and your friends and neighbors and their children, and tell them to educate themselves and their neighbors and their children....and on and on and on. this is OUR country and HE IS AN EMPLOYEE!