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Just stumbled across this cool page for Erica Mena

My threat is the truth. Always was and always will be. I have nothing to hide, unlike yourself.

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Divorce quotes, father's rights, bitter ex wife, children divorce More

amen! I used to take what she said about me personally (fuck buddy, flavor or the month and child) but at this point I'm starting to realize it has nothing to do with me. It's just her way of attacking me to get to my partner.

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Soon :) so u could probably work on losing his so u don't continue to look like an idiot. Thanks!

I'm rather proud of the fact that the only reason my ex-wife is alive is because my current wife does'nt want to go to prison.

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I'm just an evil, lonely bitch. With nothing but money and revenge on my mind... Sing along with me, all bitter ex wives.

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psycho ex wife quotes - Google Search

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Silly+girl.+He+doesn't+care. Picture Quotes.

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I died when I saw this scene.... my sekai feels

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To the bitter ex wife: Be grateful that step-moms actually STEP UP and help raise your kids! Remember, they usually STEP UP where you are lacking as a damn parent!

Robin Williams with his son Zachery with a photo of young Robin

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Haha I never could muster up enough energy to get to hate. The most I can feel is pity. I feel so bad for her...

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