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Tree of Life poster It shows how over 250 common plants, animals and microbes by biologists into domains, kingdoms, phyla, orders, families and genera. It also shows where each group fits into the evolutionary history of life according to the most up-to-date genetic research.

von Mr Calaski

Homologous Structures

Homologous structures: share a common ancestor, appendage may not serve the sam function, presently, but are structurally similar. #evolution #biology

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The next stages of human evolution

progress Wir sind wohl doch nicht "die Krone der Schöpfung", denn kein anderes Wesen sägt an den Ästen, auf denen es sitzt.

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Starting the new year with a new project - evolution

Evolution is fact... Creationism is denial of the facts! I'm guessing people such as yourselves never go to the Smithsonian or any such place. You may have to learn something other than what your bible tells you. Kind of like you insane bible thumpers went after me in that fucking apartment!