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Wow Style. Trachten inspired. Mitgift no. 5 "Wiener Chic", Susanne Bisovsky, Viennese Fashion Designer

Fox Wedding 狐の嫁入り Actually the term Kitsune no Yomeiri [狐の嫁入り] refers to the occurrence of rain occurring during brilliant sunshine, which is said to occur a fox bride is going through the woods to the house of her fox groom. Sometimes during festival occasions, shrines would stage the “fox wedding” as well, and that is when we would get to see the interesting couple wearing the fox mask.


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Girl from the Hamer tribe of Ethiopia by Ronnie James - Explore the World with Travel Nerd Nici, one Country at a Time.

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Häkelnadel - Tasche ** Nadelspiel - Tasche



Surma Girl, Ethiopia by Jeremy Curl Photography, via Flickr

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