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My Marriage Is Flawed... And That's What Makes It Perfect

We recently celebrated our 11th wedding anniversary and it got me thinking about how this marriage is working so well when the people in it can get so crazy and confused and frustrated and even at times, short-tempered and jerky.

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Jamie's American Fluffy Pancakes

This might be strange but something that really annoys me is when people bite their spoon or fork while eating. I don't know when this started but now it makes me cringe everytime I see/hear someone do it. I'm only okay with it when it's a plastic spoon or fork but that's because you don't hear the annoying metal sound. I regret telling my brother this cause now he won't stop.


Ihre Schmatzgeräuche hörten auf und grinsend schaute sie mich an, bis sie dann schließlich in lauten Gelächter ausbrach. "Die Hochzeit meiner Tante ist im Eimer, ich hab mich da drinnen blamiert wie sonstwas, mein Kleid ist verschmiert mit Torte, meine Cousinen würden mich gerne eigenhändig umbringen und wir, wir sitzen hier und essen seelenruhig Zuckerwatte." Weiteres Lachen. ~Taiga

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Nutella Stuffed Pancakes Recipe: <a rel="noreferrer nofollow" target="_blank" href=""></a>/

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How can Korean people eat so much and have the body of a Victoria secret male model. I know they are dancing all day and practicing but srsly..

Running around the world

Running around the world