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Ihr liebt Espresso? Dann haben wir hier die ultimative Infografik für euch! #WirliebenKaffee

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Six boldly different drinks made from the same simple ingredients—espresso and milk. @starbucks Has mastered this art of perfecting the ratio of espresso and milk , no matter your preferences coffee has a taste best suited to your lifestyle .

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#Espresso #Coffee What a great shot of such a beautiful thing

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How To Grind Coffee Exactly For A French Press, Chemex, Drip, Espresso Machine

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Ascaso Dream Espresso Machine. this is exactly the espresso machine I would really like to have.

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Affogato! Espresso and Ice Cream

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OMG ich will es haben!! SOFORT!!!!!

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Introducing: The Metro An uplifting, subtly sweet, and bubbly alternative to the iced Americano. It will change your life forever. Or just your summer.