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Checkliste für die Schwangerschaft: Wann muss ich was erledigen

Endlich schwanger, endlich Füße hoch und gemütlich auf den Nachwuchs warten? Weit gefehlt! Wenn sich ein Kind ankündigt, gibt es eine Menge zu erledigen. Mit unserer Checkliste geht Euch nichts Wichtiges durch die Lappen. Erstes Trimester Den Arbeitgeber über die Schwangerschaft und den voraussichtlichen Geburtstermin unterrichten Eine Hebamme für etwaige Vorsorgeuntersuchungen ...

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Prenatal Workout for the First Trimester

Do’s and Don’ts: Prenatal Workout Safety for the First Trimester. There are SO many exercises that are wonderful for both moms and babies, and I encourage you (or your clients) to stay active throughout the full term—but of course, in a safe and smart way. There are certainly some types and modalities of exercise that you should avoid, but we’ll get to that at the end of this article. For the full article visit us here:

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Work During First Trimester: Tips?

Work During First Trimester: Tips? - BabyCenter

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7 Absolutely Healthy Drinks During Pregnancy

Healthy Drinks For #Pregnancy: What you eat and drink during pregnancy has a huge impact on your growing baby. Sometimes, drinking is easier than eating, especially during the first trimester. But it is important to drink ‘right’ for the health and development of your baby. preparing for pregnancy prepar for pregnancy #baby #pregnancy


A quick at home workout to do during your first trimester!


Pregnancy-First Trimester | Women's Health Services, University of Utah Health Care #Pregnancy


The eight limbs are restraint, observance, posture, breath control, sense withdrawal, concentration, meditative absorption, and "enstasy." This last word, which means "standing inside of," literally means to "put together" or "bring into harmony." In samadhi, we "stand inside of" our true Self in preparation for the ultimate state of classical yoga, the eternal "aloneness" (kaivalya) of that Self in the purity and joy of its being.


Your body is going to change a lot during the first trimester of pregnancy! | Southern Illinois OB/GYN | 618-529-4711 or (618) 998-8808 |


Bullies, Bullying, Cyberbullying & Teasing: How to Protect & Bullyproof Children -

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10 Tips for Surviving the 1st Trimester of Pregnancy

10 Breastfeeding Tips for the Distracted Baby