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Die stählerne Schlange Eritreas - eine spektakuläre Eisenbahnstrecke in Ostafrika

In an event that is sure to embarrass Eritreas President for life, two Captains of the armed forces fled Eritrea, flying in none other than the presidential jet defecting to Saudi Arabia

Kenya's Keitany, Eritrea's Ghebreslassie win NYC Marathon -

Eritrea Travel: ASMARA's Hotels (Part 2) - YouTube

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Eritreas Kudus Giro-bound with Omani confidence

Annotated Volcano: Check Out the Craters and Lava Flows of Eritrea’s Nabro

Annotated Volcano: Check Out the Craters and Lava Flows of Eritreas Nabro

Eritrea country profile

The Cathedral and Catholic Mission in Eritreas capital Asmara

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The Crown Princess of Sweden, Victoria, and the King, Carl XVI Gustaf, at the royal wedding in 2010. On the right, you can spot Eritreas chargé d´affaires to Sweden, Yonas Manna, who showed up despite his country having imprisoned the Swedish-Eritrean Dawit Isaak. I took this picture myself in Storkyrkan in Stockholm.

Eritrea's grand Italian cinemas shudder to the sound of English football -

African culture: Ethiopias and eritreas cultural/ethnic diversity ...