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Erich Von Däniken

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Rosalie Parker – The New Earth Rule Book – 3-19-15

aber - alles ändert sich eh von selbst immer - via - Pan da Rai ! Einstein hofft, "da SS" sein subjektiv Schmarrn globale an zieht !? Nobelpreis el beeren ! Mehr


Chariots of the Gods? Was God an Astronaut? by Erich Von Daniken Imagery: Oh look, a PYRAMID! This book is the Alien Gospel deception. It preaches the Ancient Aliens theory that humanity was seeded here through panspermia. It is a gospel being taught in many books, movies, and television shows to deceive people into believing the lie. Daniken is a regular on the History Channel's Ancient Aliens show which is a grossly inaccurate portrayal of history and artifacts. See AA Debunked on…


Erich von Daniken and Giorgio A. Tsoukalos

Most people pinned here are relevant to Ancient Aliens,UFO sightings,and other universal topics...


Paläo-SETI-Hypothese - Hat uns die Prä-Astronautik beeinflusst? Gab es sie überhaupt? - K-Networld

Remnants of the Gods: A Virtual Tour of Alien Influence in Egypt, Spain, France, Turkey, and Italy/Erich von Daniken


In Egypt there are old traditions saying the Great Pyramid was constructed by a…

Jensengard-Area 51 - Bibel - Vimanas - Erich von Däniken. (reine Spekulation!) nur zum nachdenken.