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Back to the Future: Futuristic Car Designs from the Past

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Spinning 3D Hot Air Balloon Craft for Kids to Make

3D Spinning hot air balloon craft for kids using paper and a toilet paper roll! This art project is great for Spring or Summer time |

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Victorian life through a lens: Amazing 19th Century photos show backbreaking daily grind

A hansom (one of the most popular and maneuverable 19th century carriages, named after its inventor John Hansom) in London, 1877


‘The Bennie Railplane was a form of rail transport invented by George Bennie (1891–1957), which moved along an overhead rail by way of propellers. It was intended to run above conventional railways, separating faster passenger traffic from slower freight traffic. A prototype ran over a 130-yard (120 m) line at Milngavie near Glasgow in the 1930s, but Bennie was never able to secure funding for further development and went bankrupt in 1937. The line was demolished for scrap in the 1950s.’


Bertha Benz, wife of the inventor Karl Benz. She invested in Benz's business in 1871, enabling him to develop the first patented automobile, and in 1888 she was the first person to drive an automobile over a long distance.