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Gegen Listenhunde!!!Eine "Liste" sagt nichts über das Wesen dieser tollen Hunde aus!!!


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English white terrier (also known as the White English terrier or Old English terrier) is an extinct breed of dog. The English White terrier is the failed show ring name of a pricked-ear version of the white fox-working terriers that have existed in the U.K. since the late 18th Century. The name “English white terrier” was invented and embraced in the early 1860s by a handful of breeders anxious to create a new breed from a prick-eared version of the small white working terriers that were l

Manchester Terrier and English White Terrier - 1884

Old English White Terrier 1890s - now extinct


Boston terriers are sturdy and smallish canines who count both English white terriers and bulldogs as their ancestors. English white terriers, however, no longer exist as a breed. Boston terrier breed history began, as their name conveys, in Boston, Massachusetts, in the latter portion of the 19th century.