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Englische Mädchennamen

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7 Tips for tackling chores when you have a baby at home

How to get housework done with a newborn baby

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100 Popular English Baby Girl Names With Meanings

99 Popular English Baby Girl Names With Meanings


Beloved Baby Names: Names That Work In English and Spanish

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English Baby Boy Names: 100 English Names With Meanings


Baby girl's name Fernanda. Though it is Spanish, a beautiful variant of Ferdinand, this name crosses over to English by being easy to pronounce and having adorable classic English nickname Fern, as in the sweet girl from Charlotte's Web. Nanda is the more typical NN, though dated, and without the popular vintage botanical vibe of Fern. Think of it as Fern + (Am)anda and you see it won't be a tough name to carry in combination English-speaking and Spanish-speaking families.


Everley. From Old English "Aefre" and "Leah," meaning "Ever's meadow, Ever's wood," or possibly meaning "longstanding wood; meadow/glen that has existed a long time." Everly was one of the top fastest-rising names of 2010, originally a boy's name but now more often given to girls, probably thanks to Everly Clothing brand. Visit for your own requests or to see more name inspo.

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103 Traditional English Girl Names

103 Traditional English Baby Girl Names

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Celtic Baby Names

Celtic Names- (a combination of Irish, Welsh, Gaelic, and Scottish names) tend to have a magical, timeless, and musical feel.


Name: Laney Meaning: Torch Origin: English

Baby Girl Name: Melody. Meaning: Music, song. Origin: English from the Greek word Melodia.