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Während des Festivals befinden wir uns in einem regelrechten Glücksrausch. Danach fühlen wir uns oft emotional ausgelaugt, fast schon depressiv. Ein Hirnforscher erklärt, warum das so ist – und warum Gefühlstiefs so wichtig für uns sind.

“you're so brave. emotionally exhausted, mentally drained yet you get up each morning and fight. you are victorious, you are strong! #rhsin”

von Sarah Kay Hoffman

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Thinking of giving up & cutting out your own father to relieve the pain he causes you.


I'm learning how to sleep again ~ for so long, the anger of the abuse kept me unable to sleep until he left for work. Serious chronic fatigue was my daily experience ~ there is peace and energy that comes with leaving an abusive relationship. There is hope <3


TRUTH...Emotionally : I'm done. Mentally : I'm drained. Spiritually : I feel dead. Physically : I smile.


Learned the hard way, DON'T DO THIS FOR A NARCISSIST! Never ever, ever, stand by someone that treats you badly and says one thing but does another, i.e. says he loves you, NEVER shows it, is abuse. Run. Believe me, it is better to be alone than in a relationship with a person that uses your good heart and your good soul.


Truth of an emotionally drained woman

Sometimes this includes family. After spending years trying to make life better for my family I hit the breaking point. I care, but I just can't do it anymore. To love and care and bend over backwards with not so much as a fraction of the care or concern shown back to me I can no longer care the same. I am letting it go.