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Emmy Hennings with one of her Dada dolls, Zurich, 1917.

Emmy Hennings als Spinne [Emmy Hennings as spider ; Emmy Hennings en araignée], c. 1915-1918, 12 x 13,5 cm. More

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Emmy Hennings, 1910-1913

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Emmy Hennings (17 February 1885 – 10 August 1948) was a performer & poet & the wife of Dadaist Hugo Ball. In The Magic Bishop: Hugo Ball, Dada Poet, author Erdmute Wenzel White writes that Hennings “was admired by expressionists as the incarnation of the cabaret artist of her time... The shining star of the Voltaire, her role in Dada has not been adequately acknowledged.” "A death angel stands in the middle of my room. Yet I dance till I'm out of breath...Oh, give me kisses up till death."

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Hanns Bolz, Emmy Hennings (1911) – (Wikipedia, Nachweis fehlt)

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Hennings, Emmy: Nachlass Emmy Hennings / Hugo Ball

Women Of Dada and Their Times

"When Dada or the cultural vanguard movements of this time are discussed, the women are most often completely left out. They might have been sensational performers as Emmy Hennings was, but nothing is left of their performances –or it could just be the male-centered cultural sieve that strains women out. Some of my favorite women Dadas; Hannah Hoch, Hennings, Sophie Tauber Arp, Beatrice Wood and Elsa von Freytag-Loringhoven participated and produced first class work, and yet..."

“Emmy Hennings: ‘Star of the Cabaret Voltaire’ and Dada’s Mystic Mother”

(As presented at ATHE 2010) I was introduced to the artist, poet, cabaret performer, chanteause, dancer, and painter Emmy Hennings, through the work of her much more easily recognized husband, Hugo...

“Emmy Hennings: ‘Star of the Cabaret Voltaire’ and Dada’s Mystic Mother”

Emmy Hennings

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10 Female Dadaists You Should Know

Emmy Hennings was publishing poetry in anarchist publications Poet professor performance artist Crystal Hoffman writes a fascinating history on Emmy Hennings who remains largely absent from the Dada library