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The song of lunch – A Poem

What would we do without these two? Alan Rickman & Emma Thompson....from "The Song of Lunch"


Emma Thompson. I mean really. She's just amazing. She's brilliant, witty, outspoken and unhinged and I love it. She's everything I want to be. Including British.


Emma Thompson, producer/actress/writer. She's witty, she's bold, she's not easily swayed by the tide, she's incredibly talented. Also, she tells great stories about Stephen Fry. She's one my heroes.


Emma Thompson, my favourite actress - she always strikes an emotional chord and I can just imagine sharing a bottle (or two) of wine with her and laughing 'til my cheeks hurt.

Emma Thompson - love her haircut, her personality, her ability to choose quality films. ♥'ed her in Finding Mr. Banks.