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Art Deco Glamour at Eltham Palace

Eltham Palace in London

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Eltham Palace

Eltham Palace. Entrance Hall. I carried out the analysis of the interiors of this 1930s house -


Erasmus of Rotterdam visiting the children of Henry VII at Eltham Palace in 1499 and presenting Prince Henry (the future Henry VIII) with a written tribute. Detail of oil painting in the East Corridor of the Palace of Westminster, London.


Eltham Palace was given to Edward II in 1305 by the Bishop of Durham, and used as a royal residence in the 14-16th cent. According to one account the incident that inspired Edward III's foundation of the Order of the Garter took place here. As the favourite palace of Henry IV it played host to the only Byzantine emperor ever to visit England. The young Henry VIII also grew up here; it was here that he met and impressed the scholar Erasmus in 1499 introduced by Thomas More.


Eltham Palace and Gardens Acquired by the future Edward II in 1305, Eltham Palace was originally a large manor house with vast parkland. In ...


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