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4-Film Favorites: John Wayne - The Shootist / True Grit / The Sons Of Katie Elder / El Dorado (Widescreen) -

Ely & Felo @ El Dorado Maroma Check out more of my work at -

Gandalf the Grey: Sir Ian McKellen The Hobbit - An Unexpected Journey


Road to El Dorado! - Top: "I am Migel." Middle: "And I am Tulio." Bottom: "They call us Migel and Tulio!!" (notice the horse's face, it's because when Migel slid off of the horse named Atibo, his foot got caught in the reign, pulling down on the bit - it is a little hard to see Migel's foot caught in the reign because of where the picture is cut off and where they put the words.) By Dreamworks


The Road to El Dorado! Now I'm laughing all over again and you haven't even seen it yet


El Dorado : John Wayne, Robert Mitchum (and a very young James Caan) LOVE ME SOME JOHN WAYNE HE'S EPIC


The Road to El Dorado. This part always has me falling of my chair in laughter, and my sister and I quote it all the time XD