::my favorite beauty tip ( p.s. it's free! ) <<< So instead of trying fancy-ass creams or complaining of puffy eyes, try this tip ( duration: 10-30 seconds, 3 times in the AM works best ). Models do this ALL the time before shoots because it de-puffs the eyes, eases redness, tightens the skin, fights wrinkles, & keeps them looking so fresh and so clean, clean. More on the blog!::

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Rose Ice Facial Treatment

Rose Ice Facial Treatment: "rose + ice combination .. helps to tone and tighten the skin by increasing blood flow to facial muscles. It’s traditionally an Icelandic beauty practice – incorporating the skin healing and soothing properties of rose and rose water." [ EmarketingConcepts.com ]

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Ice Cube Facial – keep acne and wrinkles at bay

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Ice Facial – How This Chilly Facial Beautifies Skin | Beauty and MakeUp Tips

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Primp Tip: Get Iced: It may not sound that particularly pleasant, but running an ice cube over your face has a lot of benefits for your skin. Besides giving your face a dewy, glowing look, the frosty cubes will help to smooth your complexion by combatting fat cells, ease wrinkles, fight acne, and promote blood circulation that will help heal blemishes.

THE ICE FACIAL: -Get a clean bowl big enough to fit your face in and fill it with ice and water. -Make sure your face is completely clean. -submerge your face into the water for as long as you can and repeat 3-4 times. RESULTS: This facial leaves your skin glowing instantly. Your pores are practically invisible, your skin feels tighter and brighter, and acne scars become 10x less visible than before. I do this every morning before makeup and the results are fantastic.


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Ice cube facials are some of the oldest spa treatments around. The ice brings down swelling and tighten pores. Plus green tea gives your skin a little jolt of caffeine and a healthy dose of antioxidants, making your face look fresh and bright.

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