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L.A.Girl Matte liquid lipstick colors/not Kylie'sBoutique

L.A.Girl lipstick/pencil bundle/close to Kylie's L.A. Girl lipstick & Pencils/bundled together close to the listed after Kylie's Cosmetic lipsticks/If you can't get the real deal/I know their crazy high/but reflective to the expense and time and difficulty in obtaining! So just ask/I'll gladly make a listing! PLEASE NO RUDE COMMENTS/It's bullying and will be reported/so avoid problems if you have a question pls just message me/I'm open to real offers and kindness is always welcome in my…


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YEEEEESSSS! Here's my fav. I can't find so and so. I show them "oh my goodness had that been a snake itta bit me." Ugh whatever lol t.b

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Office vs retail jobs

Non retail people have no idea how true this is. Especially the if you have time to lean you have time to clean. That one. Bah. :P

RIS NEWS: RetailNext plays a central role in 55% shrink reduction for problem stores


What Is Conversion Rate Optimisation? #conversion_rate_optimisation_services