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Eifersucht Test

Ravelry: Carradal pattern by Lucy Hague celtic cable shawl two shades of green


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Jaxx Partners With Rootstock to Unify the Blockchain Ecosystem Rootstock is now available on seven of Jaxxs platforms. Anthony Di Iorio CEO of Jaxx announced the Rootstock integration at the Latin America Bitcoin and Blockchain Conference (laBITconf) on 5 November in Buenos Aires Argentina. Also read: A Decentralized World Has No Kings Enhancing the Bitcoin Ecosystem According to Jaxxs press release Jaxx becomes the first blockchain wallet to effect the integration which will give users…

Dear Brother in Christ - Dear Brother in Christ 12112016 Greetings in the MIGHTY NAME OF JESUS . I am Mary Margaret Fernando aged 79 and from Sri Lanka. I came to Christ after a long period of VICIOUS WITCHCRAFT by some neighbours because of jealousy from 1980. I am taking medicine for HIGH BLOOD PRESSURE and CHOLESTROL for the past 7 years and they are almost under control. But sometimes it rises and goes up to 16090.Recently I had a STRANGE UNEASY FEELING IN THE CHEST in the afternoon and…

this is test shot that i took trying to impersonate the look of jealousy I have put this on my board so i have something to refer to the actors while acting.

This is a test shot that i took of an over-shoulder shot with a person in the distance looking down on his phone. Ive used this image mainly because i may have a character that is following and watching another character.