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Die Bilder haben wir schon mal gesehen, aber irgendwas ist doch anders. Aber was denn bloß? Genau! Die Personen auf den Gemälden sind gar keine richtigen Menschen, sondern #Playmobil-Figuren. Auf di...

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Edward Hopper | automat 1927 This is another work by Hopper that depicts a time when a lot of people were moving out of small towns and into big cities to live and work. This meant that more people were living in isolation as they didn't know anyone, so even in a city filled with millions a person could be alone. Why is this woman alone at night? Is she waiting? Has she been waiting a long time? Hopper also does a good job at depicting time with the contrast between artificial light and…

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Nighthawks by Edward Hopper (1942)

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Only the first picture is a painting by Edward Hopper. The others are fashion photos inspired by Hopper..

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It seems straightforward, but "Nighthawks" is a deceptively simple piece of art. 15 Things You Might Not Know About 'Nighthawks' | Mental Floss

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favourite hopper Edward Hopper >> new york büro

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Edward Hopper - Museum of Fine Arts, Boston - Art - Review

Edward Hopper - Museum of Fine Arts, Boston - Art - Review - New York Times

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