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eine Geschichte um eine dysfunktionale Familie von zwei Brüdern, die besuchen ihre Eltern und Großvater in Coonoor, und am Ende fallen für die glei... #watch #kostenloseFilmeonline #fullMovie #kostenlosganzeFilmeansehen

Blood is not thicker than water. I am pretty sure neither were there today. Some water was. Quite a bit. Other water was making mayhem.

von Healing From Complex Trauma & PTSD/CPTSD

In therapy, to deal with all the people who should be in therapy.



Respect and trust are big ones for me. Don't stomp all over my boundaries and expect me to bow to you. Don't constantly lie to me (and get caught) and then get offended when I have no trust in you. Blood does not make you family and your blood is cold anyway.