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Impresión en papel duratrans (papel fotográfico para caja de luz) #LMIProducciones #Fineartprint #Art

KatzDesignGroup designed the interiors for Cain Orthodontics in Litchfield Park, AZ


...Or Does it Explode?; 2009; Duratrans, Lightboxes, spoken word audio; 16 x 28 x 1 feet

von Slash Paris

Le Théâtron des nuages — Une exposition d’Information Fiction Publicité — MAC VAL Musée d'art contemporain du Val-de-Marne — Exhibition

Artificial clouds and artificial intelligence


Gary Carsley, D.93 Hyde Park 2009, Duratrans in LED slimline lightbox


Printed Duratrans for Backlit Signage


Homemade Movie Poster Light-box

     For my first ever Instructable, I am going to show you all how to make a light-box for movie posters, like at movie theaters!  Posters made for light-boxes are often referred to as double-sided, mirror sided or duratrans; their backs have a slightly faded mirror image of the front and they let light through.  You can get these off of websites like eBay, Amazon and collector sites.  You can also get the posters straight from the movie theaters themselves...

"Proposal for Painting the Baruch Housing Projects", 2010 - Contribution by architects Haas & Haan to the silent auction held by The Storefront for Art and Architecture - Duratrans print mounted in backlit lightbox